For the Lux* Grand Baie resort in Mauritius, opened in the fall of ’21, Mettre a Table happily delivered the complete inventory.

From kitchen inventory, porcelain, glassware, and cutlery to a large number of customized products. This was a particularly special project as not only the inventory for a single restaurant had to be compiled, but several completely different restaurant concepts were designed and implemented.

Lux* Grand Baie, Mauritius

​In regards to the professionalism of Mettre a table, I have found both Ingrid & Marc to be on their game. This was my first time using Mettre a Table from recommendations in the industry. I was very pleased from start to finish how they handled my most recent OS&E purchase for a new 200 room property in the Maldives. (…) Their range of items is extremely large. Their contacts are world wide and managing everything to arrive on time was completed with no stress to the client, as it so often can be. (…)

I can’t recommend them enough, very reliable, pricing competitive, service excellent.

Matthew Small

Kitchen Concept, Design, Purchasing, Faarufushi Maldives

The relationship with METTRE a table goes long way back, we have done several projects together in the past, during my career back in The Netherlands. So it was only natural to see what they were able to provide when I was starting up LUX* North Male Maldives. Knowing the passion and dedication Marc & Ingrid would give to a project like this, I was very confident. After the first contact the project had right away his own look and feel. Every single aria was filled in with unique attention to details and great precision. Several tailor made unique and personalised items were introduced. We have 3 restaurants Beach Rouge, INTI, and Glow and they all have received their own unique look and feel. Also on the rooms side Mettre a Table was the right partner.

If I will have to describe METTRE a Table in a few single words,
Profficional, patient, creative, thinking out of the box, looking to the costumers needs, filling in the blanks, thinking with the costumer, looking for solutions, a partner that is not only in to make the deal but to build on a solid project and future relationship.

In the mean time we have stated working as well together for other LUX* properties to great satisfaction.
Marc & Ingrid, Thank you for your great support.

Dave Minten


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